How to Change a User to an Administrator in Windows 11 or Windows 10

You can see that all the main recording functions are available here, while some other sections allow access to exclusive features. Make sure you choose “Filter” from the list of options. The OBS Studio can capture your screen in HD quality and stream the content directly. Scheduled Recording/Timed Recording – You can record live videos even though you lack time to be in front of your computer. Now you can select the application or window that you want to record. The performance of PowerPoint gets unstable after updating to Windows 11.

Matthew Flores, Customer Support Representative, explains how to record your screen using the Chrome extension. You can record your full screen, a particular window, or a custom-size area for your Loom this source recording. Allie Hitchcock, Loom’s Customer Education Specialist, explains how to record your computer screen using the Loom desktop app.

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Microsoft baked Xbox Game Bar into Windows 10 and Windows 11 to help you capture screenshots and videos while playing games. Fortunately, you don’t have to be a gamer to use the tool! You can use Game Bar to document content from many different apps besides games. The software also comes with the ability to make GIFs, a notable feature that not many other screen-recording options can do. You don’t need to connect your Gaming Bar to an active Xbox account to use the screen recording feature. In fact, for privacy reasons, you can even log out of the Xbox app by clicking on the Setting icons , then Accounts, and click to log out of your Xbox account.

  • Yet, at times, people struggle with Bluetooth and don’t know how to turn on Bluetooth on Windows 10?
  • That update will be the equivalent of what old-timers knew as Service Pack 1.
  • Quick desktop menu disappearance – From time to time, the quick desktop menu was disappearing, leaving users without necessary app functionality.

When you start recording, you can click the camera icon or circle with dot on the top-left corner of the screen. The recording will begin after a short time countdown, and the control panel may disappear. To bring it back, you can press the stop button at any time. Afterwards, the recording will be saved to ‘Captures’ folder in File Explorer. There are several options for adjusting the recording parameters.

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Disable your Bluetooth deviceAgain right-click on the same device and click on Enable device. You can try doing this on every Bluetooth driver listed. To do so, open Device Managerby doing a right-click on the Start menu icon at the bottom-left corner. You may not be able to turn on Bluetooth if your device does not support it. Before looking for solutions if you can’t turn on Bluetooth on Windows 10, first check whether there is a Bluetooth function in your PC or not. Go to Devices SettingsNow under Bluetooth & other devices, turn on the Toggle button of Bluetooth.

Downloading a new program, learning how to use it, and accessing the files is not everyone’s cup of tea. If only it were as simple as hitting PrtSc to take screenshots. Which of these screen capture options is the best for you? If you’re a casual user who just needs to create videos occasionally, the free tools found in Windows 10’s Game Bar or Microsoft PowerPoint will do just fine.

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